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No 801 ijebu awa ogun State
Ogun State, FC 100011

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NEVER RELENT and ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOUR DREAM.....PRIEST AWOTOLA HERBALIST is one of THE BEST POWERFUL HERBALIST IN NIGERIA and he was know in every part of the world for his hand work and careness of HUMAN BEING like him.....Do not shy of coming to him,because when there is life,there is a lot of hope also.....LEAFS and ROOTS are created for the use of HUMAN BEING and ANIMALS,you can come to PRIEST AWOTOLA HERBALIST for the SALVATION from the BONDAGES of your ENEMIES......There is a lot of fake and fraudster HERBALIST and NATIVE DOCTOR now a days,because peoples talk much about SOCIAL MEDIA,but what I known is that its only GOD know the best among.....
Itsvnot just by advertising you can know the best,but What you SEENS can never use to deceived you......Private number: (+2348056522103).....WhatsApp number(+2348056522103),UPDATE BYBTHE ADVERTISER......Home address: IJEBU IFE NIGERIA.......Motto:Never relent and believe in your dream......Notice:Please do not hesitate to request for what will involved HUMAN PART OR BLOOD.......Come and you shall be bless +2348056522103

PriestAwogbebo Herbalist